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Hope in 60 Seconds is a book offering simple and practical insights designed to leave you refreshed, inspired and ready to face the rest of your day!


The author Graham Agnew comes from a background in pastoral counselling and corporate sales / training. He understands the stress and pressure many of us experience in order to survive and is passionate about helping people experience living that's full of purpose, possibilities and potential. 


If you feel like the pace of life is getting ahead of you and you're running close to empty, you will find Hope in 60 Seconds to be a source of inspiration and encouragement. The 100 short stories and anecdotes are drawn from Graham's vast collection of one minute radio spots which are broadcast on stations across Australia each weekday. These "bite-size" chunks of hope and motivation will get you through even the most stressful day - and you can read as few or as many as you want at any one time! Simply access them whenever you need a concentrated burst of emotional and spiritual energy. 


Topics featured include relationships, family life, stress management, conflict resolution and spirituality. 


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