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An award-winning conference speaker, Graham extends his mission to the corporate world and for 16 years was Senior Pastor at Northside Community Church in Sydney. Currently Ministry Team Leader at Brighton Church of Christ in Adelaide, Graham remains a leading figure in Christian circles in Australia.


Graham understands the pressure on professionals in our society and is passionate about helping people experience a life that’s full of purpose, possibilities and potential.


Graham delivers weekday messages to thousands of listeners on Hope 103.2 


"Graham's youthful exuberance, matched with years of practical experience and wisdom, provides the ideal qualities looked for in a modern-day leader. His insights into daily life, delivered through a straight-talking Godly perspective, shine a light of hope into even the busiest of lives."

Kim Wilkinson, Hope FM


Graham the Minister

In a ministry career spanning 40 years Graham has had the privilege of leading two very significant churches within Australia. Both churches (one in Adelaide and one in Sydney) experienced significant growth and development when he was Senior Minister. 


His last church, Northside Community Church on Sydney's lower north shore, underwent a massive multi million dollar redevelopment during his 16 year ministry. Integral to that development was not only the creation of an exciting and thriving congregation but also the establishment of a highly successful corporate Conference Centre. 


For many years Graham was a member of the National Speakers Association and for more than a decade was a keynote speaker at conferences and conventions both within Australia and the USA. 


For 25 years he served as an Instructor with the internationally acclaimed Dale Carnegie organisation and in that role conducted classes for business people in human relations, leadership, communication and stress management. 


Hope in 60 Seconds

Do you sometimes feel as if the pace of life is getting ahead of you? Are you running on empty? If so, Hope in 60 Seconds is written for you.


Renowned Australian pastor and speaker Graham Agnew shares 100 of his messages, which have been the inspiration for thousands of listeners during daily radio broadcasts.


Topics include marriage, conflict, failure, communication, relationships, Bible facts, and more. You can browse through as many or as few as you need to at any one time.


Praise for Hope in 60 Seconds

"In an age where we’re forever on the run, Graham Agnew’s book is a gem. We’re swamped by so much information today, but where is wisdom - where is hope? They’re found in the pages of this book, in a rich array of 60 second ‘grabs’, that paint us a picture of God, vitally interested and involved in every aspect of our lives. He explains why Jesus remains a compelling, arresting figure – despite the frequent flaws of His followers. This is wisdom and hope for every day!"

Leigh Hatcher, former presenter of the national Open House radio program.


"A super-charged buzz is on every page of Graham Agnew's Hope in 60 Seconds. The messages throughout this book will renew your hope. I've been riveted by his sermons, loved his radio messages, and his book will make a permanent appearance in my daily reading."

Graeme Innes AM, former Human Rights Commissioner


"Graham Agnew has the unique ability to condense profound wisdom and practical teaching into bite-sized pieces. I would highly recommend Hope in 60 Seconds for anyone looking for a dose inspiration and encouragement in their daily lives."

Michael McQueen, international speaker and author of Winning the Battle for Relevance


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